Vertigo Week-In-Review: March 16

Vertigo Week-In-Review: March 16

By dce_publisher Friday, March 16th, 2012

We like to stay busy over here at Vertigo, and our guess is that our readers are the same way. So, you’ve probably missed out on some of the big Vertigo news to hit the website this week. That’s okay, we understand. But we still want you to be informed. Informed people are interesting people. They’re attractive people. And we want our readers to be interesting and attractive. (We’d also like them to be very wealthy and take us on all-expenses-paid cruises to the islands, but we’ll settle for two out of three.)


This week we took an early look at FAIREST #2, announced a new AMERICAN VAMPIRE miniseries, and gave you a glimpse of what SAUCER COUNTRY looked like when it was just a pitch and a dream.


Here’s a review of what happened this week…


Who doesn’t like looking at Ali Baba and Sleeping Beauty, especially when drawn by Phil Jimenez? Well, feast your eyes on FAIREST #2, which we previewed on Monday.


We also announced AMERICAN VAMPIRE: Lord of Nightmares, a new miniseries to be written by Scott Snyder, drawn by Dustin Nguyen and starring Agent Felicia Book.


This week saw the release of SAUCER COUNTRY #1, a new series that mixes alien abduction with something even scarier—politics. Just for fun, we thought we’d share writer Paul Cornell’s original series pitch.


Finally, we wrapped things up this week by inviting you to join us for the NYC launch party celebrating the release of GONE TO AMERIKAY, a new graphic novel by Derek McCulloch, Colleen Doran and Jose Villarrubia.


That’s it for this week’s Vertigo Week-in-Review. We’ll see you good folks again next week (assuming we all survive WonderCon).