What Vertigo titles do you recommend giving this holiday season?

What Vertigo titles do you recommend giving this holiday...

By DCE Editorial Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009
I’d recommend the latest issue of SCALPED cuz nothing says “Happy Holidays” quite like a gritty crime comic about a meth-addicted, under-cover FBI agent with a heroin junkie for a girlfriend, a murdered mother, and a pretend job as an enforcer for the local Mob boss who would not hesitate to kill him if he found out the truth. God bless us all...everyone!” –Will Dennis PREACHER: Book One. Put the Christ back into Christmas with this kick-ass comic. One of the greatest series of all time. Period. –Mark Doyle Miserable during the holidays? Feeling like you’re trapped with your family members who won’t leave you alone? Imagine being stuck with a bunch of strangers in a sinister house. Share your pain with the five lost souls who make THE HOUSE OF MYSTERY their home with Volume 1: Room and Boredom. –Angela Rufino I'd like to recommend FILTHY RICH for your favorite incarcerated relative. –David Hyde On a budget? I'd like to recommend CINDERELLA: From Fabletown with Love issues 1 & 2 to give to all those fun, fearless females in your life who think Cindy is just a feeble girl who can't keep her shoes on. –Pamela Mullin