WonderCon 2012 - DC Comics: The New 52

WonderCon 2012 - DC Comics: The New 52

By dce_publisher Saturday, March 17th, 2012

CON AWAY FROM CON: The DC Comics-The New 52 panel, a monumental convening of both talent and fans, covered a lot of territory as moderator John Cunningham (VP, Marketing) talked the panelists and audience through the "Second Wave" of titles coming in May, what's continuing and what readers can expect in some of their favorite titles.

In attendance were Bob Harras (editor-in-chief), Eddie Berganza (executive editor), Scott Snyder (Batman, Swamp Thing), J.T. Krul (Captain Atom), Joshua Hale Fialkov (I, Vampire), Adam Glass (Suicide Squad), Ryan Sook (DC Universe Presents), Kyle Higgins (Nightwing), Brian Buccellato (The Flash), Scott Lobdell (Teen Titans, Superboy, Red Hood and the Outlaws) and Bernard Chang (DC Universe Presents).

The panel kicked off talking about Batman, Incorporated which is going to be an amazing trip with Batman storywise as writer Grant Morrison takes the character - and readers - to places that no one would expect to go.

Earth 2 was called a freshening up of the Justice Society of America but through a bigger lens, showing how the two worlds are so different. It's about introducing some old characters in new ways.

World's Finest highlights Huntress and Power Girl. There's a reason why Karen Starr was in Mister Terrific and we learn what her agenda in that book was. Fans will get a brief look at some of this when Free Comic Book Day comes around. The book will also explore what it means for these characters to be refugees in a world unfamiliar to them.

Dial H is not "Text H" for a reason, said Berganza. There's an expansive mythology that's being created as fans get a look at who these characters are. It's all in the same vein and tone, he says, as the books from The Dark group.

G.I. Combat will have two stories - dinosaurs in the front and more superhero type stories in the back. Writer J.T. Krul says it's a "tale of pure survival" in the first story as the soldiers just try to get out of harm's way.

The Ravagers is the culmination of seeds that have been planted through Teen Titans and Superboy in particular, featuring super-powered teens coming to terms with their powers. "We don't know which way some of these characters are going to go" as they make different choices in the face of adversities.

Scott Snyder talks about how the events in both Swamp Thing and Animal Man will lead into the crossover between the two titles.

Batman: The Dark Knight's new writer Gregg Hurwitz was reportedly so excited to come aboard the title he just went ahead and wrote the first six issues right off the bat.

Weather Wizard comes to Flash #10 with more Rogues causing problems in other upcoming issues. Before that, though, co-writer Brian Buccellato says readers will get a look at Gorilla Grodd and explore what connection he has to the Speed Force.

"I probably shouldn't have killed the main character" Joshua Fialkov says of I, Vampire, which will soon crossover with Justice League Dark as lots of magic gets involved with the vampire apocalypse that "doesn't end well for anybody." He also teases the involvement of Stormwatch as they try to keep a lid on things getting out of hand.

Nightwing will not feature zombies but it will have werewolves according to writer Kyle Higgins. Some flashbacks to the Gates of Gotham occur as Dick Grayson then comes out of the events of the Court of Owls crossover event.

Coming up in Teen Titans there will be an arc that explores Wonder Girl's origin - via a road trip with Red Robin and other characters. And Amanda Waller will jump in with her disapproval that teenagers are running around unsupervised with superpowers

"It's the Suicide Squad against a guy who can't die" as the team goes up against Resurrection Man in an upcoming crossover. And the focus will shift to characters other than Harley Quinn and Deadshot as the stories progress and readers will find out not everyone on the Squad is who they say they are.

DC Universe Presents will delve into the character of Vandal Savage, who will be stuck in jail to help his daughter. But is it really Vandal Savage? That's something readers of this new story arc will have to tune in to find out.

You'll see other versions of the character in upcoming issues of Captain Atom as he continues to explore his powers.

In response to a question Berganza says Justice League International get new members. And because the guy asking the question is wearing a We Can Be Heroes t-shirt he gets a We Can Be Heroes poster. You can see the photo of him holding his prize on Twitter.

Answering a question from the floor, Scott Snyder says the idea of the Court of Owls came during Snyder's run on Detective Comics. He couldn't think of anything more frightening to Batman than Gotham City itself suddenly being an unknown to him when he thought he knew it so completely. And the way the crossovers have been coming together has been amazing to him as the talent comes up with great ways to tell the various tie-in stories.

Green Lantern fans won't want to miss the upcoming Free Comic Book Day issue, which has some big surprises and hints of things to come in terms of characters.

Paraphrasing John Cunningham's comments while handing out prize after prize at the end of the panel, as soon as our fans stop asking great questions we'll stop having so much fun. Stay tuned here for more Con Away From Con coverage throughout the weekend here at WonderCon. You can also stay up to the minute and get updates, photos and more by following us on Twitter or Liking us on Facebook.


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