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First Look: The Nightwings Take on the Scarecrow

First Look: The Nightwings Take on the Scarecrow

By Tim Beedle Monday, January 7th, 2019

The newly formed Nightwings face off against their very first super-villain in this exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday’s NIGHTWING #56.

With Dick Grayson out of commission, the frustrated Detective Alphonse Sapenzia has picked up the slack by teaming up with three other friends to form the Nightwings—a scrappy gang of crimefighters molded after Blüdhaven’s famous masked hero. While the Nightwings all share a hunger for justice, a love for Blüdhaven and a reputation for winning fights, they’re not formally trained as superheroes and not yet all on the same page…which proves to be a real problem now that Scarecrow has come to town.

Dr. Crane is in Blüdhaven looking for Dick Grayson, intrigued by his recent change and apparent lack of fear. However, while he may be there for Grayson, he’s not about to let an opportunity to whip a new city into a frenzy pass him by. In this preview of NIGHTWING #56, he’s dosed the streets with fear gas and started a riot made up of terrified citizens. Taking down muggers and corner drug dealers is one thing, but how do you a fight the people you’re supposed to protect, to say nothing about one of Gotham’s most infamous super-villains?


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NIGHTWING #56 by Scott Lobdell, Fabian Nicieza, Davide Gianfelice and Nick Filardi is in stores this Wednesday.