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5.2 Reasons We Enjoyed the Heck out of Teen Titans Go!

5.2 Reasons We Enjoyed the Heck out of Teen Titans Go!

By Kevin Mahadeo Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Tuesday night saw the premiere of the brand-new Cartoon Network series Teen Titans Go!, a semi-follow-up to the original Teen Titans animated show and spinning out of the New Teen Titans shorts that aired as part of the DC Nation block of programming.

If you missed it, worry not because CN will be re-airing the premiere Saturday morning during the show’s regular scheduled timeslot as part of DC Nation. So, you can catch it then. However, you might want to click away from here as fast as you can because we’re about to geek out over the 5.2 Reasons We Enjoyed the Heck out of Teen Titans Go!

1. The Return of the Original Voice Cast

It’s like reuniting with old friends—or in this case people we totally wish we were, in fact, actual friends with. Greg Cipes, Scott Menville, Khary Payton, Hynden Walch and the legendary Tara Strong all reprise their roles as Beast Boy, Robin, Cyborg, Starfire and Raven, respectively, for the new series, and just hearing those voices again brings a smile to our face.

2. Silly Storylines

Although not billed as a typical super hero series, the series’ first segment featured the classic super hero trope of the heroes splitting up and using their unique skills and abilities to accomplish their mission—which in this case involved, you know, assembling a sandwich. There’s even lots of action as the heroes battle sandwich guardians... except for Robin, who battles a shopping cart and long lines. It’s simply great, ridiculous fun.

3. Moments both Light-hearted...

Simple little moments that brings lots of laughs. Like when Robin shows off his skills with his staff (hilariously pointing out the body parts he imaginarily hits) to a grocery store customer who then puts down his handcart and backs away slowly or when Starfire plays Duck, Duck, Goose to hilarious results. We could watch Robin being attacked by a goose 20 times and still crack up.



4. ... and Dark

Okay. The light-hearted beats anyone can get, but then there’s things adults might notice. For example, in the second segment, Raven jokes that maybe the secret ingredient in the delicious pies they’re eating is people. The Titans all laugh at the joke, but in the background, twice we see customers being led away to the kitchen. We later discover the owner of the store intends to make pies of the Titans. They escape of course, but you know who we never see again? Those two customers from earlier. Yeah. Put those pieces together.

5. Visual Gags

There’s a lot of great little visual gags throughout the episodes—from Beast Boy burrowing through the ground as a mole and quickly turning into a cat so he lands on his feet when he falls into a cave to Starfire’s interpretation of balloon animals as actual animals trapped in balloons to even a little Darkseid plushie in the Titans Tower.

5.1 The Theme Song

Will never, ever, ever, ever leave your head. We’re... we’re still not sure whether this is a pro or a con.


5.2 Pretty, Pretty Pegasus

Raven’s favorite show is now one of our favorite things.


What was your favorite moment from the premiere? Let us know in the comments below!