Aquaman Movie Statues from DC Collectibles

Aquaman Movie Statues from DC Collectibles

By DCE Editorial Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

Based on the AQUAMAN movie, these highly detailed statues are carefully crafted to match likeness to the characters from the film. From the prince of Atlantis to the fiercest foe of the deep, these 1/6 scale polyresin statues capture all the action and thrills from the big screen.

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He’s the reluctant heir to the throne of Atlantis, possesses superhuman strength, and a member of the Justice League. Now, he’s coming on land to grace the silver screen. Expertly crafted off the likeness of Jason Momoa, this highly detailed, 1/6 scale polyresin statue of Aquaman shows him at the ready for any challenge above or below the surface.



Swords, guns, and optic laser blasts would be a deadly arsenal for any villain. For one as savvy and strategic as Black Manta, it could be enough to take on Aquaman.

Meticulously modeled from the film's design of this legendary villain, this striking and sinister 1/6 scale polyresin statue will turn heads in your home or office.



Mera debuted in the Silver Age of comics and is now headed to the silver screen, portrayed with equal parts elegance and toughness by Amber Heard.

Known for her superhuman strength and ability to shape and control water, this 1/6 scale polyresin sculpt evokes both the power and dynamic grace of Mera as she emerges from the sea.

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