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Batman Day: A Festival of Fans

Batman Day: A Festival of Fans

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Batman Day is this Saturday, which means all week long we’ll be celebrating the Dark Knight (and Gotham’s maid of mischief, Harley Quinn) here on But that’s not all. We’re also celebrating his fans.

That’s really what Batman Day is about, after all. It’s a chance for people who have come to love the Dark Knight to gather together with friends, family and fellow fans in the name of Gotham’s great detective. That’s certainly what’s taking place this week on our official DC Fans YouTube Channel. We sent several of our regular contributors unique boxes of Bat-swag for them to unbox on the channel in what we’re calling “Batman Day Fan Week.”

What’s in the boxes? Well, you’re going to have to watch the videos to find out, but expect to see plenty of comics, collectibles, clothing, art, action figures, and maybe an official Arkham Asylum straightjacket or two. (Okay, there probably won’t be any straightjackets. But there may be a few action figures of people who belong in them…)

You can check out our latest unboxing featuring Caitlin from ThatCMonster above. Plus, don’t miss yesterday’s video with Kim from Geekerella, and look for clips from fans like Max Prime, Tiffany from ComicPOP, Londyn, Cheyenne and more in the days ahead.

Sad you’re not a part of it? Guess what? You can be! While we may have sent out all of our Batman Day boxes, the DC Fans Channel is still looking for unique, fun Batman Day videos letting us know how you plan on celebrating the Caped Crusader’s big day. Or if you prefer, tell us on camera why you love Batman or Harley Quinn, introduce us to your favorite Batman or Harley comic book, share your earliest memory of Batman and his world, or come up with another unique way to share your love of Bruce Wayne. Remember, the DC Fans Channel is all about celebrating YOU, the fans. So go on ahead and be unique and true to yourself in what you submit to us for the channel.

You can find full information on submitting right here:

Whether you create your own clip or not, we do hope you’ll subscribe to DC Fans and stop by every day this week. And for much more on Batman Day, including a map highlighting many of the comic shops and bookstores celebrating this Saturday, be sure to click here.

Happy Batman Day!