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Countdown to Comic-Con: Let's Hash Things Out

Countdown to Comic-Con: Let's Hash Things Out

By Tim Beedle Monday, July 15th, 2013

San Diego Comic-Con kicks off this week, and from the opening of the Preview Night showroom on Wednesday to the final announcement on Sunday evening, will be helping you stay on top of all the exciting DC Comics news through our Con Away From Con coverage. However, this year we’re giving you more opportunities to participate from home than ever before. Provided you’re on Twitter, that is.

If you are, make certain you’re following us: @DCComics and @VertigoComics. Both accounts will be active all weekend with breaking news, fun photos and sublime vines. And even better, if you tweet at us using one of the below hashtags, you can do more than stay on top of the DC Comics conversation—you can help shape it!


Like we’ve done at prior conventions, we’ll be shooting exclusive “5.2 Questions” interviews with some of our biggest writers and artists, and we always announce these interviews beforehand on Twitter. If you see us tweet that we’ll be interviewing Jeff Lemire, and you have a question about Green Arrow, tweet it at us using the #AskDCComics hashtag and you may see it show up in our interview along with your Twitter handle.

Here’s an interview with Anthony Bourdain from last year’s SDCC to give you an idea of how it works:


This is one to remember if you’re going to be at the show. If you’re at a panel and hear a juicy announcement that you want to share with your followers, use the #DCSDCC hashtag. If you do, you may see your tweet show up right here on as part of our exclusive panel coverage.

We also encourage you to use #DCSDCC any time you’re tweeting about DC Comics and Vertigo Comics during the show. Even if you’re not in a panel, your tweet could show up in our DC Entertainment Events App for other DC Comics fans to read, enjoy and geek the heck out about.


As you probably know, this year marks the 75th Anniversary of the Man of Steel, and to commemorate the occasion DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. and San Diego Comic-Con have some pretty special events planned. From spectacular in-booth Superman displays, to a Superman Unchained Concept to Page panel with Snyder and Lee to an all-star Superman 75th Anniversary Celebration presentation with Superman talent from film, TV and comics. If you plan on tweeting about any of these events, or anything else Kryptonian, use the #Superman75 hashtag. We want to see it spread across Twitter faster than a… Well, you know the rest.

We hope to see you in San Diego this week, but if not, we’d love to see you on Twitter! Keep an eye on every day this week for more breaking news and other exciting features all about SDCC.