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DC Collectibles Remembers The New 52

DC Collectibles Remembers The New 52

By Tim Beedle Thursday, March 12th, 2015

For the past few years, DC Collectibles has brought the heroes of The New 52 to life. Now they look back and remember The New 52 by revisiting some of the action...figures!

Welcome back DC Collectibles fans! We are at week two of answering your 2015 NY Toy Fair questions. A lot of you asked about the New 52 Action Figure line and what will be happening going forward. Well, we can confirm that the New 52 line will end in mid-2015 after we release Harley Quinn, The Joker, John Stewart and Fan Poll winner, Poison Ivy.

Although we’re extremely sad to see the New 52 Action Figure Line come to an end, it’s important to always to pay tribute and look towards the future! Today, we’re celebrating the New 52 Action Figure line and its 52 plus figure run in a DC Collectibles “In Memoriam” tribute.

As we cope with the loss of this beloved line, it’s important to note that we haven’t seen the last of the New 52 character designs. They’ll continue to appear in action figure form, in an all new scale in our DC Comics Icons Action Figure Line.

Cheers to the New 52 Action Figures and the New DC Comics Icons Line!

Oh! On a side note, can you “figure" out what character we snubbed in our video memoriam? Also, is there a character that you thought we snubbed from New 52 action figure form all together? Post your guesses in the comments!