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DC Comics 101: Robin Through the Ages

DC Comics 101: Robin Through the Ages

By Tim Beedle Thursday, February 18th, 2016

If you’re not completely new to DC Comics, you probably know that there’s been more than one Robin. You may even know all their names and what the differences are between them. But do you know their history, and how each one came to inherit the red and yellow?

Faust, the stylish YouTuber of the oft-changing hairstyle and encyclopedic knowledge of all things comic books, has put together a new clip for the DC Fans YouTube channel that looks at the history of the character and breaks down the important events that led to each new Robin. If you’ve been wondering about the Boy Wonder, it’s worth a look…

So many different Robins! If you’re looking for another visual recap, check out this detailed infographic which was produced last year for Robin’s 75th Anniversary.  So which Robin would you most like to have in your corner? Let us know in the poll below, and be certain to subscribe to the new DC Fans channel for more insightful comic book commentary from fans just like you!