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Get to Know the DC Super Hero Girls: Bumblebee and Katana

Get to Know the DC Super Hero Girls: Bumblebee and Katana

By Amy Ratcliffe Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

Super Hero High counts a variety of heroes among its students in DC Super Hero Girls, though some of the names may be more recognizable than others. You might know Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn well, but what about students like Katana and Bumblebee? We're going to crack open the yearbook and profile some of the less familiar heroes and villains, and we're starting with Bumblebee and Katana.


Bumblebee zips around Super Hero High using the ability of flight. She's buzzing with positivity and helpfulness. She helps new students find their way around the school, but being kind is far from her only power. She's been recognized for her willingness to assist others with the coveted Hero of the Month award. Bumblebee has shown Principal Waller and her fellow classmates that she can save the day in big and small ways.

Speaking of small, the ability to shrink is one of her powers. She can become as tiny as—you guessed it—a bee and get into tight spaces or spy on villainous activities. Bumblebee also possesses enhanced strength and can project sonic blasts. Her super suit streamlines her flight paths.

In the comics, Bumblebee is also known as Karen Beecher. She first appeared as Bumblebee in TEEN TITANS #48. Her powers and abilities came from her fancy battle suit.


Katana has a razor sharp mind to match her weaponry. Some people have pets, Katana has a sword. She's devoted her life so far to training in the martial arts. She's masterful with her samurai sword. Her grace and skill make her fights look like well-choreographed dance routines. The brave hero-in-training will jump into any battle with her weapon at the ready.

Outside of heroics, Katana is one of the most creative attendees of Super Hero High. She's known for her artistic tendencies and for being on the cutting edge of fashion trends. She used her stylish flair to help Wonder Woman design her super suit.

Katana made her comic book debut in BRAVE AND THE BOLD #200. She's also known as Tatsu Yamashiro and was exceptionally proficient in martial arts.