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Hanna-Barbera Hangout: The Book Club Meets for the First Time

Hanna-Barbera Hangout: The Book Club Meets for the First...

By Tim Beedle Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

When you’ve read a great comic, it’s only natural to want to talk about it. So about six weeks ago, we put together the Hanna-Barbera Book Club, a team of YouTubers who have been discussing our new series of Hanna-Barbera comics on our DC Fans YouTube channel. Ashley from Jawiin has been covering Future Quest for us, Cazz from Nerd Burger is tackling Scooby Apocalypse, Tiffany from ComicPOP is speeding through Wacky Raceland and Sammie from Sammie Reads is all set to meet The Flintstones.

All of them have been engaging with fans and fellow readers on YouTube, but they haven’t really been interacting much with each other. At least, not yet. A few days ago, the entire club gathered virtually for the first ever Hanna-Barbera Book Club Hangout to discuss the four comics, choose their favorite panels and predict how the four series might eventually crossover. (Two words: Space Ghost!) You can check it out below.

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