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Meet DC Super Hero Girls' Heroes of the Month

Meet DC Super Hero Girls' Heroes of the Month

By Amy Ratcliffe Thursday, April 7th, 2016

Hard work doesn't go unnoticed at Super Hero High. Principal Amanda Waller singles out one spectacular student every month to receive the coveted Hero of the Month award. Earning the prize isn't only about saving the day and/or world or about a student's abilities and powers, it's also about what's inside.

Intentions and attitude play a role in who gets rewarded with the honor, and so far, we've seen three Super Hero High enrollees rise to the challenge. Let's revisit the Heroes of the Month winners we've seen so far and celebrate their achievements.

It's Great to be Green

Poison Ivy was the first Hero of the Month announced in the first season of DC Super Hero Girls. One reason she received the award was because she saved Bumblebee from an out of control plant called “Chompy.” Poison Ivy's always on hand whenever green things need to be put back in line. On top of her skill with growing all kinds of flora, she's always kind to her friends and willing to lend a helping hand.

Take Flight

The next Hero of the Month was Bumblebee. She was lauded for her heroic prowess and saving the day with big acts and with little, but still important, ones—like rescuing car keys! And that's not all: She was praised by her pals for her taste in music and her sense of humor.

Breaking Records

Wonder Woman hasn't been at Super Hero High for long, but she's already managed to break the school's all time saving record. She rescued anyone who needed her assistance and used her super strength to be super awesome.

We'll be adding more heroes to the winners list soon because season two of DC Super Hero Girls is on the way!