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Superman: American Alien: ComicPOP Discusses Issue #2

Superman: American Alien: ComicPOP Discusses Issue #2

By Tim Beedle Thursday, December 17th, 2015

By now, we’re hoping you’ve had a chance to check out and subscribe to our new DC Fans YouTube channel. We’re also hoping you’ve been reading SUPERMAN: AMERICAN ALIEN, the compellingly different new Superman series by screenwriter Max Landis (Chronicle, Victor Frankenstein). But if not, our friends over at ComicPOP are here to make a good case for both.

ComicPOP’s Sal and Tiffany reviewed this week’s SUPERMAN: AMERICAN ALIEN #2, the decidedly different second issue of the series, specifically for the DC Fans channel. Fortunately for us, they really liked it. (It would have been awfully embarrassing if they hadn’t.) However, it’s not just their enthusiasm that’s entertaining in their clip. It’s what they had to say about Landis’s far grittier look at a teenage Clark Kent that really got our attention. Check it out…

For more from ComicPOP, be sure to visit their channel. Their thoughts and perspectives are always lively and informative. If you’d like to see additional reviews, how-to’s, unboxings, reaction clips and more from some of our many talented fans, subscribe to our new DC Fans channel! And finally, don’t forget to pick up the new issue of Superman: American Alien. It’s now available in print and as a digital download.