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The Flash: Face to Face with Gorilla Grodd

The Flash: Face to Face with Gorilla Grodd

By Tim Beedle Monday, May 4th, 2015

You don't want to monkey around with the Flash's newest nemesis...

The Flash continues to amaze. In a season which has already introduced us to most of the Rogues, the Reverse-Flash and a pretty phenomenal Firestorm, the hit series is going where even the biggest fans wondered if it would go and introducing the classic Flash villain Gorilla Grodd.

But if you expected campiness or quirk, think again. The Flash’s take on the psychically powerful primate is outright terrifying, as you can see in this intense new clip from tomorrow night’s episode, “Grodd Lives.”

No bananas. Okay, got it.

“Grodd Lives” airs Tuesday, May 5, 2015 on The CW. To learn more about Gorilla Grodd, click here.