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First Look: Diana Dreams of Darkness

First Look: Diana Dreams of Darkness

By Tim Beedle Monday, August 26th, 2019

Wonder Woman is given a frightening warning by way of a dream in this ominous new preview of Wednesday’s Justice League Dark #14.

As the supernatural world has tipped closer and closer to chaos and destruction, the heroes of the Justice League’s magical task force have done their best to put their figurative fingers in the demonic dam that’s on the verge of breaking. So far, they’ve kept the worst of it all—like the terrifying Upside-Down Man—at bay. But we’ve known from the very beginning that it was only a matter of time. Eventually, the destructive Otherkind would break through, and that would be the end of magic, its users, and probably most of humankind.

It was just a question of what might cause it.

Something was bound to give the Otherkind the final push they need, whether it was a battle lost or an unanticipated new player in the game. But is it possible that thing could be a member of the Justice League? Astonishing as it may seem, could it be one of the greatest superheroes on the planet? Let’s be real, guys. If you’ve been reading Justice League Dark, you know that Wonder Woman’s momentary trip to the dark side that took place in “The Witching Hour” was never truly resolved. Hecate and the never-to-be-underestimated Circe still have plans for her, and those plans may just be using her to unleash the Otherkind on all of reality. That seems to be what Zatara is suggesting in this exclusive preview of Wednesday’s Justice League Dark #14. Of course, he suggests this during a dream while half his face is melting off, so it’s entirely possible that none of it is real. But do you want to gamble all of existence on that?


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Justice League Dark #14 by James Tynion IV, Alvaro Martinez Bueno, Raul Fernandez and Adriano Lucas is in stores Wednesday.