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The Green Lantern Corps is Gone! Grant Morrison Explains Why...

The Green Lantern Corps is Gone! Grant Morrison Explains...

By Albert Ching Monday, November 4th, 2019

The Green Lantern Corps is no more! Scratch that—they never even existed in the first place. The Green Lantern becomes Green Lantern: Blackstars for three issues starting this month, and writer Grant Morrison explains that change—and what it means for the DC Universe to shift to Controller Mu’s will, as told by Morrison and artist Xermanico.

The Green Lantern is now…Blackstars?! What does it mean for the Blackstars to take over the series—and the Green Lantern Corps itself? 

Following the universe-shaking events of The Green Lantern #12, the Corps is no more. In fact, the Green Lantern Corps has never existed. Oa is the skeleton-paved haunt of vengeful demons, and the Blackstars—a sinister cult of universal peace and harmony, involving surrender to the will of the insidious and/or possibly illuminated Controller Mu—are in the process of subjugating the universe to their creed.

Hal Jordan already has an interesting history with the Blackstars, as seen in the pages of The Green Lantern. What role does he play in the new series? 

He’s central, although the Cosmic Vampire Countess Belzebeth vies with him for control of the narrative! Jordan’s one of the Blackstars’ primary operatives. Hal Jordan is the kind of man who will excel in any situation, so naturally he’s an elite Blackstar in this altered continuity.

What makes Xermanico the right artist for this new chapter of Green Lantern… er, Blackstars history? 

I saw his work, loved it and thought he could do an amazing job on this series which incorporates horror, romance, satire, science fiction and superheroes.

What can you share about the Liam Sharp covers for this series, and how they’ll be visually distinct from The Green Lantern? 

The covers on this series form a three-part image of violent conflict across the DC Universe.

How does this shift affect the other, non-Blackstar, heroes of the DC Universe?

We’ll see what’s been going on with planet Earth in issue #2—it’s like a celebrity roast of modern superhero comics! 

But for real, no more Green Lanterns—only Blackstars?? Is this really happening??

Yes, it is. Such is the will of Controller Mu…

Green Lantern: Blackstars #1, written Grant Morrison and illustrated by Xermanico, is on sale November 7 in print and as a digital download.