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First Look: Jody Houser and Rachael Stott Fly onto Supergirl

First Look: Jody Houser and Rachael Stott Fly onto Supergirl

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

The Girl of Steel gets a new creative team and a dark new approach to crimefighting as she falls victim to the Batman Who Laughs’ corrupting infection.

It’s never good when a Kryptonian goes bad. So, when Kara Zor-El was dramatically clipped by one of the Batman Who Laughs’ batarangs, the already overwhelming odds facing Superman and Batman got a lot worse…if not downright insurmountable. Yet, while the growing number of superheroes who have now become infected is alarming, that doesn’t mean they’re all on board with the Batman Who Laughs’ plans. In fact, as we discover in this week’s Supergirl #37, some of them still see themselves as heroes.

Kara may no longer be in her best mind, but she still believes she’s helping the people of the world. In other words, she’s not likely to be thrilled when her cousin and his always glum friend from Gotham ask her to stop in our preview of this pivotal new issue, which also marks the debut of writer Jody Houser and artist Rachael Stott. It’s a pretty distinct time to be picking up Supergirl’s reins, so we thought we’d ask Houser how she feels about climbing aboard at such an impactful time, what we can expect from her Supergirl right out of the gate and how infected Kara compares to Houser’s other infamously brutal DC hero.

You’re joining Supergirl at a pretty unique time. How has it been starting your run on the Girl of Steel while she’s “infected”?

It’s definitely been an interesting challenge! We’ve seen angry Supergirl before, so we’re trying to for a bit of a different take here. The fact that Supergirl still sees herself as a hero here is a fun aspect to play with.

Supergirl seems pretty unique among the infected heroes in that she immediately leaves them to go do her own thing. Is that going to put her at odds with the Batman Who Laughs?

Supergirl’s invite to the infected party was something of an accident, as the batarang that infected her was originally meant for Superman. And she’s very much NOT interested in being someone’s second choice to the dance.

Your current storyline intersects with both Batman/Superman and Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen. How much did you coordinate with Joshua Williamson and James Tynion IV?

Since we’re tying into multiple events, most of the coordination has been through editorial, who keep track of all the shifting pieces. But Joshua and James are both fantastic, so it’s exciting to be connected to what they’re doing.

You’re starting on the book at the same time as artist Rachael Stott, who you worked with on Doctor Who. What’s it been like taking on Supergirl with her?

It’s always a blast working with Rachael, and I’m glad we’re able to work together on a big DC story like this. Her first-ever issue for DC has guest appearances by Batman and Superman, which is a heck of a place to start.

Finally, I can’t help but be reminded of your other really angry DC heroine. Do you think Mother Panic would get along with Kara better before she was infected or after?

Before for sure. As dark and angry as Violet Paige/Mother Panic is, she’s incredibly wary (and rather judgemental) of other people who show that same kind of darkness, especially when they claim to be heroes.


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Supergirl #37 by Jody Houser, Rachael Stott and Cris Peter is in stores Wednesday.