DC UNIVERSE’S Happy HarleyDays Sweepstakes starts December 13th!

DC UNIVERSE’S Happy HarleyDays Sweepstakes starts December...

By DC Publicity Thursday, December 12th, 2019

DC UNIVERSE’S Happy HarleyDays Sweepstakes Starts Tomorrow!

You think being locked up in Arkham will stop Harley Quinn from celebrating the holidays? DC UNIVERSE’S Happy HarleyDays starts on December 13th and runs for 10 full days, on which fans can enter for a chance to win unique and exclusive prizes all themed around the characters from DC UNIVERSE’S Original Animated Series Harley Quinn.

Harley and her crew know the importance of teamwork, so they’ve come together to give back to the DC fans. Each crew member, from Clayface to King Shark, has put together a care package to celebrate the holidays, or as they call it, the HarleyDays.

Each daily package will include a one-of-a-kind character model print straight from the depths of the Arkham Asylum vault and sprinkled with a dose of Harley mayhem – like an exclusive Harley Quinn statue and Arkham T-shirt.

Fans can head on over to HAPPY HARLEYDAYS SWEEPSTAKES for more details on how to win. After all, what better way to celebrate the happiest time of the year than with a bunch of criminally inspired swag?

Here’s the rundown, but you’ll have to return to DC UNIVERSE each day, to enter to try and win that day’s giveaway.

  • Harley Quinn - Friday - December 13
  • Poison Ivy - Saturday – December 14
  • Batman - Sunday – December 15
  • Kite Man - Monday – December 16
  • Clayface - Tuesday – December 17
  • Dr. Psycho - Wednesday – December 18
  • Sy Borgman - Thursday – December 19
  • King Shark - Friday – December 20
  • The Joker - Saturday – December 21
  • Bane - Sunday – December 22

Happy HarleyDays everyone!

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