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First Look: The Boomerang the Suicide Squad

First Look: The Boomerang the Suicide Squad

By Tim Beedle Thursday, May 21st, 2020

Captain Boomerang (painfully) confronts his former team in the thrilling first look at next week’s Suicide Squad #5.

It’s not easy to get the drop on ol’ Digger.

A lot has been happening in Suicide Squad since Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo relaunched it late last year. So much that our heads are hurting just thinking about all of it. (At least, we hope that’s why our heads are hurting. You never know when you’re dealing with Amanda Waller.) In the last issue, the squad was sent to Australia to bring in Captain Boomerang…only it turns out that everything isn’t as straightforward as it seems. The new members of Task Force X, led by the bio-enhanced Osita, want to find Boomerang, but they don’t want to bring him in. They want to bring him down permanently for killing Osita’s girlfriend. It’s part of an insurgency by the new members who deliberately allowed themselves to be captured and assigned to Task Force X to destroy the Suicide Squad from the inside.

Which sure puts Deadshot and Harley Quinn in an awkward spot. After all, they may have no love for the squad, but Captain Boomerang used to be a teammate and they never signed up for a revolution. Or have they? Is it possible they’ve started to see things the same way Osita does? After all, Captain Boomerang torched their teammate Jog in Suicide Squad #4’s shocking conclusion. Perhaps we’ll get our first look in this exclusive sneak peek at next week’s issue #5?


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Suicide Squad #5 by Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo and Adriano Lucas is in stores and available digitally on Tuesday, May 26.