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First Look: Two-Face Chooses a Side

First Look: Two-Face Chooses a Side

By Tim Beedle Friday, July 17th, 2020

War has come to Gotham—a “Joker War”—and it’s time for Harvey Dent to pick a side in this first look at Detective Comics #1024.

It may be the Joker’s war, but he’s certainly not the only one waging it as we’ve discovered in the lead up to this summer’s big Batman event. Deathstroke and his team of assassins certainly had a role to play. Riddler’s had one as well. (Remember when he was the one waging war against Joker? Oh, how quickly times have changed.) Nightwing seems as if he’s about to become one of Joker’s most effective weapons, and the Designer has shown that even being dead isn’t enough to escape the Joker’s rallying cry. (So much for “resting in peace.”)

In short, the Joker War has caused a brutal rift through Gotham’s underworld, with many of the city’s criminals lending their support to the Joker in hopes of being rewarded with some of those sweet, sweet Wayne billions that the Clown Prince has gotten his hands on. Will the Joker actually be willing to share? Who knows?! This is the Joker we’re talking about. He could spread the ill-gotten wealth around town, or he use those dollars to build a gigantic, working papier-mâché bomb and light the fuse. You never know when it comes to Batman’s biggest nemesis. That’s what makes this whole thing so terrifying.

Which brings us to Two-Face. If you’ve been following along in Detective Comics, you know that Joker hasn’t exactly played nice with Harvey Dent. And now that Two-Face finds himself confronted by an army of Talons controlled by…you guessed it, the Joker, the former Gotham City D.A. must make a choice: Will he join with the villain who messed with his brain to rid Gotham of Batman once and for all? Or will he side with the Dark Knight in what seems like a losing battle against a legion of undead warriors? What will he choose in our exclusive preview of next week’s Detective Comics #1024?  With Two-Face, these things can really go either way…


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Detective Comics #1024 by Peter J. Tomasi, Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy, Norm Rapmund and Brad Anderson is in stores and available digitally on Tuesday, July 21.