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James Gunn Celebrates his Birthday with The Suicide Squad

James Gunn Celebrates his Birthday with The Suicide Squad

By Tim Beedle Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

The Suicide Squad gets assigned to the deadliest missions out there—the ones where survival is far from guaranteed. How dangerous are we talking about? I mean, just how crazy can things get?

Let’s just say it seems like even their movie logo isn’t safe!

The Suicide Squad may still be a year away, but that hasn’t stopped fans from discussing the highly anticipated DC movie or speculating on what we may see in the second go-round for the infamous Task Force X. And while images and trailers are likely still a way’s off (or maybe not, after all DC FanDome is just around the corner…), director James Gunn did give us a look at the movie’s official logo today as part of a very Squad-filled birthday celebration.

Not sure about you, but we think that’s pretty perfect and more than a little reminiscent of logo used on the classic late-‘80s John Ostrander and Luke McDonnell Suicide Squad comic series.

But that was just the beginning! The Suicide Squad's official Twitter account also wished Gunn a happy birthday with help from a few friends. Check it out!

So, what do you think? Has The Suicide Squad hit the bullseye with this new logo? And does this seem like it's the most fun cast in the history of film or what? Share your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, Instragram and visit us here at regularly for all the latest news and announcements on The Suicide Squad.