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First Look: The New Swamp Thing's Nightmarish Awakening

First Look: The New Swamp Thing's Nightmarish Awakening

By Tim Beedle Monday, April 5th, 2021

Levi Kamei is becoming something…but whether it’s a force for good or unspeakable evil remains unclear in this first look at tomorrow’s The Swamp Thing #2.

Change is a frightening prospect to many of us. But Levi Kamei seems to be taking that concept to terrifying new heights.

Since returning back home after a trip to his native India, Levi has been plagued by nightmares driving him to question his very reality. Each night, he finds himself in the Sonoran Desert accompanied by a sinister being called the Pale Wanderer who taunts and tempts him with words about what Levi’s becoming. After he awakens far from home one night, shivering and cold with no clue how he got there, it becomes clear that the Pale Wanderer is right. Levi is becoming something new. But is it a force for good…or for death and destruction?

It’s clear which side of that question the Pale Wanderer falls on. Yet, Levi’s dependent on him. The wraith is the only thing that seems to know what’s happening to him. But the Wanderer’s lessons come with a murderous cost.

The Swamp Thing, a frightening new vision of the character from writer Ram V and artist Mike Perkins, got started last month with a hallucinogenic first issue that AIPT called “one of the most striking debut issues in recent memory.” Now, just ahead of Earth Day, the series returns with its second chapter, which finds Levi wrestling with the knowledge of what he is becoming and what it means. Levi wants to do good, but can you still call yourself a hero if you’ve grown from land that’s been watered with blood? Ask yourself that question as you read this exclusive preview of The Swamp Thing #2. Though you might not want to read it at night…


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The Swamp Thing #2 by Ram V, Mike Perkins and Mike Spicer is available in print and as a digital comic on Tuesday, April 6.

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