Commissioner James Gordon

When it comes to Batman's greatest allies, Commissioner James Gordon easily ranks as one of the Dark Knight's oldest, most important, and most well known—sharing the Caped Crusader's commitment to ridding Gotham City of corruption and crime.
Debuting alongside Batman in the pages of DETECTIVE COMICS #27, Commissioner Gordon has appeared in virtually every incarnation of the franchise and in every single form of media. An expert detective as well as a highly trained and decorated officer, as Commissioner of the GCPD, Gordon brought a dose of integrity and honesty to a previously fully corrupt police force. Under his leadership, the GCPD has improved both in the public eye and in their record of successful arrests and incarcerations. However, Gotham is no ordinary city, and where others may have locked up an unsanctioned super hero like Batman for taking the law into his own hands, Gordon has chosen to support the Dark Knight, acknowledging the difference he makes. Gordon's cooperation with Batman has made a difference in a city once seen as being well past the point of saving, and it’s sent a message to criminals throughout Gotham—whether it’s at the hands of a badge or a Bat, you will see justice.
Gordon is aware of the legal issues associated with his partnership with the Dark Knight. As such, he adopts a "look the other way" philosophy for most of Batman's activities. Whereas Batman works in darkness as Gotham's Dark Knight, Commissioner James Gordon is its knight in the spotlight—ever vigilant and open about his commitment and desire to do what is right to protect and serve the people of his city.

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