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Switzer bounces back home and into Loman's arms, unaware she's followed by Flabbergast in hopes of topping their Mile High Club escapade. But when Allie learns the truth about Healey, she stares into the abyss... and blinks.LAST MONTH in ARMY@LOVE:Back in Edgefield, LOMAN the bagman is getting his butt kicked by NEEDHAWK and BLANCH who've discovered he's been skimming off the top of their hot car operation. But he's more broken-hearted when SWITZER calls to say she won't be coming home on furlough as planned. What she doesn't say is she's hoping to hook up with FLABBERGAST again at New Years Retreat, an officially sanctioned bacchanalia for the troops.But on a mission to stop Afbaghi insurgents from muscling big box stores at the the local mall, SWITZER learns that FLABBERGAST has been blabbing about the Hot Zone Club -- and now everyone wants to join!Meanwhile, in a quiet residential section of Afbaghistan, Colonel HEALEY unloads his cares to JENAN, a local widow. While Healey recounts how he got caught in the Corporate Draft and created the army's Motivation and Morale department, his assistant MAGOON uses his Stratocaster to call down an air-strike that saves SWITZER's unit.On New Years Eve, FLABBERGAST eagerly searches for SWITZER only to be staggered by the news that she's stood him up to return home to LOMAN.


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Cover Color by: Jose Villarrubia
Letterer DC Lettering
Penciller Rick Veitch
Written by: Rick Veitch


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May 16 2007
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