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It's truth or consequences for Healey when a straight-jacketed Allie shows up in Afbaghistan, while Janin must decide if her betrayal is worth the price. Back in Edgefield, Loman come to grips with his marriage to Switzer suddenly including a third member: the lovesick Flabbergast.LAST MONTH in ARMY@LOVE:SECRETARY STELAPHANE thinks he's cajoled FLABBERGAST into giving up a night of bacchanalia in Afbaghistan to perform stage magic for a fundraiser back in Edgefield. But the magician extraordinaire has his own reason for returning to suburbia – his growing obsession with Switzer! She's skipped the retreat, too, opting to fly back to see her husband LOMAN – and almost catching him together with Colonel HEALY's wife ALLIE in the process.When Switzer walks into Flabbergast's performance, he tricks her into becoming part of his disappearing act. The two find themselves in tight quarters under the stage where it only seems natural to try and duplicate the excitement of their recent HOT ZONE CLUB experience.Meanwhile, Allie gets prank-called by MICHI. Most devastating of all, is when the girl's mother, JENAN, calls back to apologize, and deliberately let's drop her intimate relationship with the Colonel. The revelation sends Allie over the edge, causing her to put a gun to her head. Stelaphane intervenes and saves her life, but he's got his own reasons for doing so...


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Cover Color by: Jose Villarrubia
Letterer DC Lettering
Penciller Rick Veitch
Written by: Rick Veitch


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Jun 13 2007
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