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Watch where you step! Switzer and co. must save a herd of circus elephants from being turned into king-sized suicide bombers. Meanwhile, Healey is having second thoughts about dumping Allie in the wilds of Outer Mongolia, where something strange and monstrous lurks.LAST MONTH in ARMY@LOVE:In the battlefields of Afbaghistan, LOMAN shows up on SWITZER'S doorstep.He's searching for ALLIE, Colonel HEALEY's suddenly missing wife but, moreimportantly, the woman he's been having an affair with. But that's OK,Switzer all too happy to see her husband... as long as he doesn't get in theway of her military love connections.Meanwhile, after being accused of being a security breach, Colonel HEALEYheads back to local civilian, JENAN's place to get the cellphone he gave herback. Once there, he finds that the Afbaghi woman is mysteriously able togive a home makeover to both her neighborhood and herself. At least shegives Healey his phone back, though. Too bad, it's fake.Unable to pay their debt, an Afbaghi family living in Edgefiled gives theironly son ISSA up to POMONA PEEBLES - the daughter of the local crime boss.The devout, religious boy is to be her personal assistant, and the spoiledPomona is only too eager to indoctrinate him into her own hedonisticlifestyle.But what of the missing ALLIE? After finding the Colonel's wife a liabilityto Healey's command abilities, his assistant WOYNER has her bound andairdropped over the wilds of Mongrolia. There, she's found by themysteriously primitive BATSUKH and his harem of wives. But why are all thewomen convinced she'll never want to leave?


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Cover Color by: Hi-Fi
Letterer DC Lettering
Penciller Rick Veitch
Written by: Rick Veitch


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Sep 19 2007
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