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"Rushkoff and Sharp unveil the new face of dissent. Make no mistake, the Greatest Story Ever Told continues here." – Grant Morrison"Douglas Rushkoff is one of the great thinkers — and writers — of our time!"– Timothy LearyFrom the imagination of best-selling author Douglas Rushkoff (Coercion, Club Zero-G), one of the most iconoclastic and acclaimed minds of our era, comes a series that exposes the "real" Bible as it was actually written, and reveals how its mythic tales are repeated today. Grad student Jake Stern leads an underground band of renegades who use any means necessary to combat the frightening threats to freedom that permeate the world of TESTAMENT — a world very much like our own. They employ technology, alchemy, media hacking and mysticism, discovering a modern threat that has its roots in ancient stories destined to recur in the modern age.With intricate, darkly detailed art by Liam Sharp (THE POSSESSED), TESTAMENT takes place in an unapologetically uncensored Biblical universe, chronicling the grim confrontations between humans and their angry gods. Those horrifying encounters full of murder, magic, monsters, sex and sacrifice, echo the forces at work beneath the surface of today's high-tech and highly ideological conflicts.In a story as thrilling as it is sure to be controversial, Jake must overcome romantic, psychic, supernatural and epic obstacles on his way to uncovering the reality behind an eternal story in which he, and all of us, are trapped.


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Colorist Jamie Grant
Painted cover by: Liam Sharp
Inker Liam Sharp
Letterer DC Lettering
Penciller Liam Sharp
Written by: Douglas Rushkoff


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Dec 21 2005
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