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Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter and artist Timothy Truman (JONAH HEX: TWO GUN MOJO, RIDERS OF THE WORM AND SUCH) join forces to execute haunting work of staggering emotional power and artistic excellence in DOG MOON, a Prestige Format VERTIGO one-shot.DOG MOON is at once a horror story, a love story and a lyrical epic — the account of a truck driver who, like the mythic Charon on the river Styx, transports the "just dead" to the place awaiting them. On one such run, the trucker spots a dead woman named Tess and falls inexplicably in love with her. Tormented by his sadistic friend Red Jack, menaced by vicious winged creatures, witness to the Blind Sea disgorging a legion of dead souls upon the Beach of Bones, the trucker narrates his strange ordeal with an eerie yet eloquent voice — the same one that helped make the Grateful Dead one of the most hypnotic and enduring rock bands in history. Perfectly mated to Truman's haunting painted visuals and the lettering of SANDMAN calligrapher Todd Klein, DOG MOON is a startling, exquisite work as moving as it is disturbing.


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Colorist Tim Truman
Inker Tim Truman
Penciller Tim Truman
Written by: Rob Hunter


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On Sale Date:
Jan 1 2004