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In a universe of darkness, a world without a name struggles to heal itself after generations of war. And against murderous odds, a solitary boy must lay claim to his heritage, and topple walls of ignorance and fear in order to save his home.In the tradition of The Lord of the Rings, The Wheel of Time and The Chronicles of Amber comes JLA: RIDDLE OF THE BEAST — a 104-page Elseworlds hardcover that has everything lovers of high fantasy look for. Written by Alan Grant and featuring characters and creatures designed by Michael Wm. Kaluta, the most distinctive aspect of this graphic novel is the variety of artistic visions employed. To best dramatize the multitude of settings and characters, each individual chapter is rendered by a different one of today's top comics painters, including Carl Critchlow, Simon Davis, Glenn Fabry, Jon Foster, Rafael Garres, Doug Alexander Gregory, Alex Horley, Hermann Mejia, Jim Murray, Andrew Robinson, Liam McCormick-Sharp, Gregg Staples, Saverio Tenuta, John Watson, and Martin T. Williams. Taking full advantage of each artist's stylistic strengths, the cities and wilderness of the Nameless World are realized to their fullest.In a peaceful corner of a land plagued by hideous creatures and fractured by war, a young hero named Robin is sent on a lonely quest to unify the feuding lords of the sundered realms against the menace of the risen Beast. But as mighty as the armies of the Beast have become, it is ignorance and arrogance that are Robin's keenest enemies. Robin's journeys take him through a DC Universe never before conceived: from the cliffside huts of Haven, past the haunted Crags of Gotham, through the deeply forested realm of Amazonia, down to the squalid streets of the City of the Center, and finally up the jeweled towers of fabled Kryptonia — all this to bring together an alliance that will fight for the good of the world. Each newly reinterpreted and redesigned member of the JLA plays a part in this tale, though some are more recognizable than others...Sword fights, sprawling battles, demonic uprisings, and creatures that beggar description all fill this high-fantasy Elseworlds epic — complete with colorful fully-rendered maps, a compelling world-history in true Swords and Sorcery tradition, and a gorgeous cover painting (with a special foil-stamping) by Justin Sweet!


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