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In 1938, writer Jerry Siegel accomplished something very few writers could ever match. Together with artist Joe Shuster, he created not just a character, but a whole new archetype: Superman. Two years later, Siegel was faced with a nearly impossible challenge with a new collaborator, artist Bernard Baily: What could follow a character who was the most powerful man on Earth? The answer was quite simple: a hero who was even more powerful, but with a supernatural bent — The Spectre!Now those classic Golden Age tales featuring the DC Universe's Spirit of Vengeance are collected in this hardcover reprinting the Spectre stories from MORE FUN COMICS #52-70 (1940-1941), written by Siegel and illustrated by Baily. This volume also features an introduction by noted comics historian Jerry Bails.Before Hal Jordan took on the identity, the Spectre was originally a policeman named Jim Corrigan killed in the line of duty while investigating a gangland overlord. After meeting a "higher force" in the hereafter, Corrigan was returned to the world of the living with the knowledge that he could have eternal rest only when he had wiped out all crime — a pretty tall order!The 19 tales contained in this volume showcase a character who — for his time — was one of the most original concepts in comics, with nearly limitless abilities! Name a power and odds are the Spectre had it and used it in his "take no prisoners" battle against the worst criminal offenders of the day — delivering severe punishments that matched (and sometimes exceeded) the crimes committed.The Spectre was one of the most popular characters of the Golden Age, one who has lived on in new incarnations throughout the decades. Don't miss this chance to see how his legendary career began!


Colorist Rick Keene
Introduction Jerry Bails
Penciller Bernard Baily


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Collected Edition Graphic Novel
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Jan 1 2004
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