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"John Bolton is a god and Straub and Easton write about evil like it was their own invention. Let THE GREEN WOMAN sink its claws into you." – ROBERT RODRIGUEZ (Director of Sin City and From Dusk Till Dawn )New York Times best-selling author Peter Straub resurrects his most sinister creation, Fielding "Fee" Bandolier, the unstoppable serial killer last seen in Straub's bestseller, The Throat. Aging and tired of a life devoted to death, Fee is preparing to end his long career of bloodshed. Bob Steele is a disillusioned New York detective out for redemption and to him redemption means a one-man crusade to stop Fielding Bandolier. Steele's father cruelly named him after a Hollywood cowboy hero. The name has been a curse because Bob has very little hero in him. But he's going to give it one last try. Cop and killer finally face off in a mysterious midwestern pub, "The Green Woman Tavern." And in that abandoned place, an unspeakable evil stronger than either of them lies waiting to seal the fates of both men.


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Colorist John Bolton
Painted cover by: John Bolton
Letterer Todd Klein
Penciller John Bolton


U.S. Price (Graphic Novel):
On Sale Date:
Oct 6 2010