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"Ian Rankin's wry and haunting Dark Entries begins by plucking at the Lord-of-the-Flies ugliness always hovering, teeth bared, just beneath the surface of reality television. As we circle closer to the story's dark center, though, Rankin goes far beyond canny media critique and creates something far richer, nastier, funnier and more resonant, a haunting, jolting meditation on the meaning of damnation in a world that's increasingly lost its soul." - Megan Abbott, Edgar winning author of Queenpin and Bury Me Deep "Rankin and Dell'Edera dial up a very clever, very modern new take on the old haunted house story. Recommended for anyone who hates reality television as much as John Constantine does!" - Brian K. Vaughan "Dell'edera's work is expressive and crisp, done almost entirely in sharp pure black inks with barely a hint of shading in sight, with an elegance to horror sequences that's far more Dante than slasher film. Possibly the best Hellblazer work in years and a strong ghost story in its own right." – PUBLISHERS WEEKLY " not only good-looking additions to the bookshelf, but wonderfully dark little stories that impressed the heck out of me." – MTV/SplashpageOccult detective John Constantine has seen his share of strange things in his career, but nothing could prepare him for the horrors of…reality television. "Haunted Mansion" is currently the hottest show on tv, but when the macabre house actually starts attacking the contestants, Constantine is hired to be the ultimate mole. Locked inside with a cast of wannabe-celebrities, his every move being monitored by a deadly figure from his past, Constantine must figure out who (or what) is pulling the strings before he gets cancelled—permanently.DARK ENTRIES is a classic locked-room mystery starring HELLBLAZER's John Constantine from Ian Rankin, the #1 international best-selling crime writer best known for his "Inspector Rebus" novels. Rankin has won numerous awards, including the Edgar Award in 2004 and is joined in this graphic novel by Italian artist Werther Dell'Edera, the illustrator of a number of American comics – mostly notably Vertigo's LOVELESS.Be sure you also check out FILTHY RICH


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Colorist Lee Bermejo
Letterer Clem Robins
Written by: Ian Rankin


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On Sale Date:
Aug 19 2009