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At this time, DC Entertainment does not accept unsolicited artwork or writing submissions.



What Is The DC Entertainment Talent Search?


Like many creative fields, breaking into the comic book business as an artist can be an exciting but challenging process. It takes proper training, a ton of practice, making the right contacts, learning to sell your talents, building a strong portfolio and much patience. However, time and time again, the best advice we can offer aspiring artists is: Go to a Comics Convention! Comic book conventions offer an ideal forum for meeting working professionals and publishers in the same location. It's also a great place to get feedback on your portfolio, speak to editors, and ask lots of questions. The only catch is being realistic about the process - not everyone is ready to work in comics. However, with the right attitude and preparation, your convention experience can provide an informative look at the many possibilities of working in this industry, whether for us or one of the many other publishers. DC Entertainment remains unique in the industry as one of the most diverse as well as largest publishers. We're seeking artists for all our imprints, including DC Comics, Vertigo, Mad magazine, kids comics and more! The DC Entertainment Talent Search program is designed to offer aspiring artists the chance to present artwork samples directly to our imprints' Editors and Art Directors. The process is simple: during your convention visit, drop off photocopied samples of your work and enjoy the show! No lines, no waiting. If the folks like what they see, a time is scheduled for you the following day to meet a representative personally and discuss your artistic interests and portfolio. For details on submitting your artwork, click on the DC Entertainment Talent Search links below. It's important you follow the specific guidelines to ensure your greatest chance of success.





This program does not review writing samples (artwork only). DC Entertainment Talent Search only selects artists to meet that exhibit the quality and styles consistent with DC Entertainment's publishing plan. Although we recognize and appreciate the interest to share your work, the review process is intended to identify only those who may be ready for assignment on our books.