It's 1935, Las Vegas. Skinner Sweet is suspect number one behind the mystery of the bloodless victims – but could he just be a blood-red herring?
Co-author of AMERICAN VAMPIRE, Stephen King discussed vampires, sex, religion, and horror in a provocative conversation with the screenwriters of Twilig
On Saturday, October 2 head to: The New Yorker Festival The Vampire Revival panel with AMERICAN VAMPIRE co-author Stephen King At 1:00 pm
With Summer 2010 having just come to a close, we’re about to look into the future at Summer 2011. See the list of Vertigo highlights below, including books by such great writers as Scott Snyder, Grant Morrison, and Max Allan Collins!
Why Rafael Albuquerque is Amazing (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hire a Cover Artist)
Lot’s of great comics and lots of great press coverage this week!
AMERICAN VAMPIRE issue #6 written by Scott Snyder with art by Rafael Albuquerque is on sale now!
Cycle 2 “Devil in the Sand” (issues 6-9) In this story… • We learn the secret history of Las Vegas, before it became the Vegas we know today (hint: vampires are involved).
When designing the cover for AMERICAN VAMPIRE #6, we wanted something really bold, to announce the new cycle, but we also wanted to be consistent with the feel of t


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