Rat Catch-er (rat) (kach’әr) , n. 1. According to underworld legend, a Rat Catcher is a peerless assassin who silences protected mob informants.
According to underworld legend, the Rat Catcher is a peerless assassin who specializes in silencing mob snitches. There’s just one problem—he doesn’t exist. At least, not according to the U.S.
If you didn’t see the announcements last week, Vertigo will be publishing DELIRIUM’S PARTY: A Li
Vertigo Crime has published works from the likes of authors Ian Rankin, Brian Azzarello, Jason Starr, Christos Gage and many others. Today, we add two more titles to the ever growing list of excellent crime/mystery graphic novels.
Soon to be a motion picture, THE LOSERS Vol. 1&2 hits the NEW YORK TIMES Paperback Graphic Book Bestseller List!
Last month I posted the trailer to THE LOSERS movie. Coming April 23rd to theatres.
In April 2010 THE LOSERS, the comic book series by British comic book writer Andy Diggle (200 AD) and artist Jock (Hellblazer: Pandemonium coming February 2010), comes to the big screen!


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