What better way to celebrate the summer than with a brand new set of special, oversized Annual issues of some of your favorite comics?

We knew our fans were amazing, but the past three days have demonstrated just how wonderful DC Entertainment’s supporters are as we quickly met the $50,000 goal for the first We Can Be Heroes

Superman and Batman: Best Friends…and Brothers?!

If you visited either DCComics.com or VertigoComics.com yesterday, you likely saw our slides suggesting that Alfred E.

Ever since its debut in 1937, DETECTIVE COMICS has been a staple of the DC Universe.

For some, April 1st means a day of practical jokes and pranks.

Fans of DC Comics, Vertigo and MAD who are headed to C2E2 in the windy city of Chicago this April have a lot to be excited about.

DC Comics Reveals the Next Robin

DC Comics shocked WonderCon attendees when they revealed Batman’s surprising new boy wonder during the DC COMICS – THE NEW 52panel on Saturday.

A new age of “Wonders” is dawning.

The idea of what could have been always intrigues. It’s literally the basis of fictional storytelling. Those magic words: what if?

Celebrating a Classic

Fans, collectors and industry professionals in Los Angeles gathered last night beneath the bat-signal to celebrate the DC Comics classic Batman TV series with an exciting event at Meltdown Comics that featured the original Batmobile, new Bat


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