For those who looked up toward the skies and screamed "Somebody, save me" when the CW television series "Smallville" went off the air in 2011, your cries have been answered.

Earlier this week, we showed you an exclusive preview of BATMAN #12.

For this week's installment of Preview Mondays, we're giving you exclusive first looks at BATGIRL #12, BATMAN

The Batman 201 Sale

Previously, DC Digital held the BATMAN 101 Sale, giving Bat-fans and newcomers alike access to 101 Batman comics at a special discounted price.

Get Ready to Buddy Up with Batman and Win a Set of T-Shirts

Unless you've been living on Mars, in a cave (not the Bat kind), with your eyes shut and fingers in your ears, you probably know that "The Dark Knight Rises"—the long-awaited, highly antici

Last month, we told you that in anticipation of “THE DARK KNIGHT RISES” opening in theate

Tonight, DC Entertainment President, Diane Nelson was escorted by New York Times bestselling writer Neil Gaiman to The Dark Knight Rises premiere in New York City.

The Batmobile – Airing Tonight on the CW

If you’re feeling down about the end of San Diego Comic-Con, we may have just the thing.


The DC Comics Digital Bane 101 Sale

The venom-fueled villain Bane cemented his place in comic book history with one devastating act that crippled Batman, forcing him to surrender the cape and cowl.


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