Gotham Gazette: A Tale of Two Billionaires
#DC1Million: Win a Copy of Absolute Batman, Incorporated
Yesterday, we announced a week of giveaways in honor of reaching one million followers on Twitter. We told you the prizes would be must-haves for any DC Comics fan. Well, today we kick things off right with a copy of ABSOLUTE BATMAN, INCORPORATED.
I'm so excited to have artist Chris Burnham become a permanent part of the Batman group. As soon as Chris helped out on a few pages in BATMAN & ROBIN #16, we knew we had someone special in our hands.
The Joker's cut a bloody path through Britain's heroes, hauling a reluctant Jarvis Poker in tow for a front-row view of the carnage.
A new status quo. Those words are thrown around, a lot, in the comic book industry. But that’s exactly what New York Times bestselling writer Grant Morrison and team have created with BATMAN, INC.
It’s that time again folks – your chance to peek into the future of the Dark Knight. A future which is pretty bright, actually. What’s in store?
It’s been a pretty frenetic and fun week for the Dark Knight so far, but why stop now? So far, we’ve heard a lot about BATMAN INC., the new ongoing series kicking off in November, from writer Grant Morrison. But what of artist Yanick Paquette?


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