Writer Bryan Q. Miller and artist Talent Caldwell kick off a crossover with RED ROBIN, as Tim Drake returns to Gotham Cit. But who does he find in the Batcave? None other than Stephanie Brown, the new Batgirl.
We had a great time showcasing Andy Kubert's amazing pencils to the six BATMAN: RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE covers.
Writer Grant Morrison and artist Cameron Stewart conclude their epic tale, and with only months under his belt as Batman, will Dick Grayson faces perhaps the biggest threat of his life?
Courtesy of new artist Andy Clark. Enjoy.
James Robinson and artist Mark Bagley present a team reeling from the events of JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE, as a member is tended to after the horrific events of the mini-series. And, will the new Batman join the ranks of the team?
Well, we weren't going to leave you hanging there, especially considering the reaction to the first four covers we debuted here on The Source.
Writer Mike Benson and artist Dustin Nguyen close out their sterling two-parter next week. BATMAN: STREETS OF GOTHAM #9 hits 2/17.


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