Let's get this out of the way first, David Finch might be the nicest guy in comics. He's also a Batman fanatic and his love for the character is evident on every page of the upcoming BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT series.
In addition to being a comic fan, I’m also a sports and music nerd. And like any fan, my imagination tends to wander. What if singer X played with guitarist Z? What if QB so-and-so had WR what’s-his-name to throw to?
If that stack comics on my desk (which I’ve kindly reposted above) from yesterday wasn’t clue enough, let me be frank: it’s an exciting time for
It’s a Bat-heavy week in variant land, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. First up, we have Guillem March’s cover to BATMAN AND ROBIN #17, along with Gene Ha’s variant for the same issue.
You should be after you look over these promo images. And with NYCC in full swing, expect lots of BATMAN-centric chatter over the weekend. See you at the booth!
Game on, folks. Starting a 1pm today, the doors to the Javits Center in NYC open up and NYCC 2010 will be in full swing.
The headline very capably sums up what we’ve got here, so I won’t slow your scrolling time too much – suffice to say, this is a lovely piece of art by one of the most exciting artists out there now. Can Finch draw Batman or what?
It’s that time again folks – your chance to peek into the future of the Dark Knight. A future which is pretty bright, actually. What’s in store?


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