Every now and then we get the chance to give you a quick peek at what’s coming from DC beyond the next few months.
Writer James Robinson and artists Javier Pina and Bernard Chang present the third part of the battle between New Krypton and Brainiac, with Superman trapped on Brainiac’s ship while New Krypton burns.
Writer James Robinson teams with guest artist Bernard Chang to continue ‘Man of Valor,’ as the Legion of Super-Heroes members in the 21st century reveal themselves to Mon-El. What will the Man of Valor due with the knowledge the heroes impart?
The hunt for Zod's sleeper agent on Earth rages on, and readers are treated to a plot twist spinning out of writer James Robinson's first issue on the book.
Writer Gail Simone and artist Bernard Chang unleash a civil war -- with the world hanging in the balance. Zeus has made Achilles ruler of the Amazons, and Diana finds herself in battle against the people she loves most.
IGN has a preview of WONDER WOMAN #33, the smashing finale to writer Gail Simone and artist Aaron Lopresti's "Rise of the Olympian" arc -- but there's more.
This is the battle that's been building for months. Diana, Wonder Woman, finally faces off against Achilles, Zeus' new champion. And who the heck is Genocide? This issue is not to be missed, and will change the status quo for some time.


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