Vertigo Book Club: Finally Getting to Fables

When I started here at DC (back in 2012, for anyone keeping score), we had just relaunched the Vertigo website and were building out a section for FABLES. The serie

Looking for something to do this weekend? Well look no longer because the 2010 DC Nation tour pulls into Charlotte, North Carolina for Heroes Convention from June 4th - 6th at the Charlotte Convention Center.
Mr. Terrific gathers the ragged remains of the Justice Society in a last-ditch attack on the Fourth Reich, and their power-negating Darkness Engine.
Only Bill Willingham and Jesus Merino know, folks, and things aren't looking good. The Nazis have succeeded and taken over America, which is leading to the scheduled executions of all the U.S.'s major heroes and villains. Can Mr.
What's up DC Nation? This week we're on our way to the first ever C2E2 show in Chicago and our levels of anticipation are running very high.
Writer Bill Willingham and artist Jesus Marino up the ante as the war takes a turn for the worse for the JSA , with their foes firing up the super-power negating “Darkness Engine.” And what’s powering the thing?
The discovery of exactly who was behind the recent attacks on Obsidian and other members of the Justice Society puts the team on the trail of a true Axis of Evil -- and that can only mean all-out war.
Things get dicey for the leaner, meaner Justice Society as writer Bill Willingham reveals another intruder among the team. But this time, they're ready for it.
Well, we gave you a little tease last week -- with some help from Matthew Sturges --about JSA ALL STARS #4 (which we've kindly included below), but what of the other titles tied to the team?


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