Superboy (1988 - 1992)

Look! It's a bird? It's a plane? It's Superboy!

From the producers of the Superman films comes the adventures of a young Man of Steel who, disguised as Clark Kent, mild-mannered journalism student at Shuster University, fights a never-ending battle for truth and justice against his archnemesis, Lex Luther, and other supervillains -- all while trying to sweep Lana Lang off her feet.

DC Universe Online (2011)

DC Universe Online is a Free-to-Play, massive multiplayer online action game for the PC, PlayStation4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Become one of a new breed of powerful Heroes and Villains and wield incredible abilities as you go to war with legendary characters such as Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor and the Joker. Play for free now at or find the game in the PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Store!

DC Universe Online hits U.S. stores tomorrow! These exclusive screenshots from Sony should help get through your last day of waiting. Batman vs. Bane! Superman! Bizarro! Great stuff. Check 'em out below.
Kicking off a new 5-issue storyline, writer James Robinson sets the stage for the monumental SUPERMAN #700, with some help from artist Javier Pina.
What's more fun than Scott Kolins' work on the SOLOMON GRUNDY mini-series? Well, Scott Kolins' work on Solomon Grundy battling Bizarro, of course.


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