“Zombie superheroes brought to life by the Black Lanterns. Soooooo metal!”
GREEN LANTERN #59 has got it all – strong character moments involving some of the icons of the DCU, action, tantalizing clues and a helluva cliffhanger at the end, all masterfully presented by writer Geoff Johns and artist Doug Mahnke.
Black Manta vs. Aquaman! The return of Deathstorm! And a double-page spread that will make your jaw drop. Twice. All courtesy of writers Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi and the all star artistic team of Reis, Gleason, Clark and Prado.
What do you get for the Lantern who wants everything?
Sin City just got more dangerous as a few of the “ New Guardians” arrive in Vegas searching for the powerful love entity known as the Predator. And what does that last page mean?
By now, you’ve seen a few of these lovely White Lantern covers, featuring Aquaman, Firestorm and more — but did you know that together, the covers form a massive, amazing piece of art that shows many of BRIGHTEST DAY’s key players while also te
Swing by room 6DE for this special spotlight on DC’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, the mastermind behind the BLACKEST NIGHT, BRIGHTEST DAY and GREEN LANTERN and THE FLASH comic books.


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