It's been a Batman kind-of-day, and will continue to be, as we've got a major art debut later today. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, shall well? We've got a major art debut to show right now.
Hey comics fan, got any plans this weekend? If you're like me you're at a bit of a crossroads during this time of year. The NFL season is over, the Olympics are over, Oscar Season is over...what are you supposed to do?
Just got off the phone with Brian. He’s gotta make a few simple adjustments on the next FIRST WAVE script.
If that lengthy preview this morning wasn't enough for you, then we have another piece of lovely art to make Friday all the more fun.
In a world without super powers, there are still those men and women who merit the name "hero."
The Spirit, Doc Savage, Batman and Neal Adams? How can you go wrong?


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