For years, the DMZ has been a no-man's-land where armies feared to tread – but not any longer.
Everyone has secrets, and Riley's are well documented! But what about the other girls in THE NEW YORK FIVE?
Written by BRIAN WOOD with cover by JP Leon DMZ Volume 9: M.I.A. takes Matty to a remote and desolate section of the city.
Riley, Lona, Merissa and Ren are about to start their second semester of college in the Big Apple with a fresh start, or so they think…. Pick up issue #1 this Wednesday.
But before we get to that, let’s talk DMZ with series writer, Brian Wood.
Digital editions of DMZ started going live this past summer, and I was thrilled.
There is one thing I consider especially interesting to emphasize in NORTHLANDERS, in general, not only in this particular story: the use of the splash page
The Rus, as they are called, camped above the river trading furs from a log hall, axed out by slaves. The men—tall as date palms, blond, tattooed— had set a pole out front carved with gods to which they offer things to bless their trade.
Last time we saw the legendary street artist "Decade Later," he was in cuffs and headed to a detention camp.


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