I thought it would be fun to get to know some of the editorial group behind your favorite comics and graphic novels a bit better, so I started asking questions. First up, Mark Doyle. PM: What was the first Vertigo book you read?
DEMO is back!
Over at COMICS ALLIANCE Felicia Day, actress and creator of the web series The Guild, references
"This issue changes everything..." "After this nothing will be the same..." "Everything you thought you knew about the DMZ changes now..."
The NORTHLANDER'S arc THE PLAGUE WIDOW continues this Wednesday in issue #23. Brian Wood sets up the preview below. Check it out!
So the great part of being an editor is that you never know what will pop up in your inbox on any given day. the below are just a few of the super cool surprises that I received in the past few days.
February 2010 brings much to be excited for by Brian Wood.
Problem: How do you entice readers to start reading a monthly comic with issue #21? Solution: Make it look like #1.
As mentioned in my post last Thursday, today begins a compelling 8 issue arc called The Plague Widow in NORTHLANDERS #21.
Maldon-summertime, 991AD, a large force of Viking raiders landed on what is now Northey Island, Essex, England, and waited for the tide to recede in order to launch a full scale invasion of the mainland.


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