NORTHLANDERS #21 begins a compelling 8 issue arc (yes, the longest NORTHLANDERS arc to date) called The Plague Widow. This arc debuts the art of Leandro Fernandez here at Vertigo.
All is not quiet in the DMZ.
DMZ #45 begins a five part arc full of nuclear weapons, Parco Delgado and Matty Roth's own agenda.
Today, Cory Doctorow raves about DMZ Vol. 7 at BOING BOING.
The legends of Sven of Orkney, ‘Sven the Returned’ hark through the ages. Until one day, after years of peace and exhile, a group of young Vikings appear on his shore.
In an in-depth conversation with CBR News, Karen Berger discusses Vertigo’s success in 2009, the imprint’s plans for 2010, and why she believes Vertigo is delivering the
Here’s the thing—it’s got a twist ending.
Good morning Vertigo fans!
If you’ve been reading NORTHLANDERS you know that, up until now, the focus has been on the men. Well, here come the women and, wow, are they tough and beautiful.


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