Good morning, Source readers. Hope Monday wasn't too stressful. Now, what can we do here that'll make this Tuesday better than usual? How about a first look at BRIGHTEST DAY #1?
We’ve now seen them but what are the Entities that power "The New Guardians"? Does this variant cover hold any answers, courtesy of artist Alex Garner, who did the ACTION COMICS variant we posted not long ago.
And what a pair of covers. For your viewing pleasure, here's a first look at David Finch's cover to BRIGHTEST DAY #1, along with Tony Harris' take on the second issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST. Good way to kick off the day, no doubt.
As if he weren’t busy enough with his duties as Co-Publisher of DC Comics, our very own Dan DiDio is a constant presence at cons across the country and around the globe.
Writer Geoff Johns and artist Doug Mahnke present the next exciting chapter of the Green Lantern mythos right here, with the first part of "New Guardians." Forced to work together during the deadly rise of the Black Lanterns, Hal Jordan, Sinest
It's that time again, gang. Here, for your Friday enjoyment is a collection of the covers and solicitation info for all the BRIGHTEST DAY titles hitting in July. What're you waiting for? Click below.
Deadman. Hawkman. Hawkgirl. Reverse-Flash. Maxwell Lord. Captain Boomerang. Aquaman. Firestorm. Martian Manhunter. Hawk. Osiris. Jade.


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